Thursday, March 25, 2010

One step at a time.

The load on my shoulders is now a little less. Turned in my case study paper that I have been working on for weeks. Hoping I get a good grade on it. Not sure how this teacher grades papers. Now on to my case study paper for psych.
Have some quizzes and test coming up, the dates keep getting move and it's starting to get annoying. I keep trying to take one step at a time so I don't get overwhelmed.
Psych was really intersing today. The patients had all been addicts. It was interesting hearing there stories. For alot of them it wasn't there first time there. Really makes me put my life into perspective.
Back to work tonite. Have to meet with my group tommorrow. We are doing a health fair. Our goal is to educate the public on cardiovascular diseases.Oh what fun.
Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Down to the Wire

Now that the semester is almost over. About a month and a half left. Everything is coming to a head. Some may paper. projects, quizzes and test. I feel like they should spread out assignments more evenly. As the weather starts getting warmer, I want to be outside more. I can't because of all the assignments due. I might just go crazy with cabin fever. Lol. Ironic since I had my psych clinical today. I didn't get to see anything but treatment team meeting. By the time I got out of that the kids were is school all day, I was on the adolescent.Then I had my respiratory demo which I passed.
I'm, just about done my case study paper done for medsurg. It is do on Friday. For once I am not procrastinating. I am so proud of myself. I guess this is part of becoming an adult. Now I just have some little assignments i want to tackle tonite.
Summer cant come soon enough. Cant wait for long summer nights spent laying under the stars. My last summer as an undergrad. I'm gonna live it up before I have to tackle the real world!!!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Naughty Girl

I've been such a bad girl. I have not posted in close to a month. I give my deepest apologies. My Internet was not working which kept me from posting regularly, now its on and popping. Lol.
Been super busy with school. I have about a month and a half left in the semester and its really getting down to the nitty gritty. I have a pharm test this week and my med surg paper is due. I'm doing my paper on atrial fibrillation and it is really working my brain. I probably should have chose something easier like heart failure.
I finally got to go into the ER, after being canceled twice because of the snow storms. It was kinda boring until the last 40 minutes and then an older gentlemen came in in respiratory depression. They had to do CPR and everything. Another student was with me from a different college and they grabbed her to put in a foley in the middle of CPR. I thanked god it wasn't me. I would have been so nervous under all that pressure. She did a good job.
Hope everyone is enjoying the gorgeous weather. I have to work and will be studying most of he weekend. Oh, the sacrifices we make for nursing school.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hot Pink

PASSED my cardio test in med-surg. Sooo happy. Had a pharmacology test today, don't think I did to well. Put off studying and then I had to cram at the last minute. Definitely not a good idea. I have my first psych test on wed. Kinda nervous because I don't know how her test are.
Cant wait for spring break next week. Not going anywhere special. Getting some extra hours in at work, catching up on studying, and hopefully getting my case study paper completed.
On a brighter note. My stethoscope came in the mail today. Love it. Wanted to get my name engraved on it, because I heard sometimes the nice stethoscope's can "walk" away on the units. The site I got it from didn't offer engraving. Maybe another time.
Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another snow day

Snowed in yet again on a day I am supposed to shadow in the ER. Spent the day studying for pharmacology, painting my nails, and watching the Golden Girls, the best show ever. I know every episode word for word. It's actually kinda sad.
I ordered a new stethoscope yesterday, in HOT pink. Having trouble hearing heart sounds with mine. Being I'm on a telemetry floor I felt it was a benefit to get another one. I always said I would wait to get a more expensive one when I graduated but I just couldn't wait. Had a psych quiz yesterday, did pretty good.
I also passed my cardiac demo yesterday. I had to do an assessment of the heart. It was pretty easy since I just had my cardiac test and was studying my brains out for it. Planned to spend the rest of the evening snowed in. Might even be snowed in tomorrow too. Plan to get alot of work done. I've been procrastinating alot lately which is def. not good.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One foot in front of the other

I have such poor blogging etiquette. Sorry its been awhile since I blogged. I'm going to try and blog on Mondays and Thursdays and add extra if I have the time. Yesterday was my cardiac test in medsurg. It was one of the worst test I have ever taken. I felt so prepared before the test and then I started second guessing myself after it began. Should get our grades at the end of this week. So nervous. Had clinical this morning. Nothing big happened there. On Thursday I'm in the ER since last time I was scheduled we had a snow storm. So much to do this week and next week before spring break. A cardiac assessment demo, case study rough draft, pharm test, psych test, and process recording. Not enough hours in each day. Soooo much studying to get done. Just taking one step at a time and putting one foot in front of the other. Hope everyone had a good day.

Monday, February 15, 2010

When it rains it pours

Feeling so overwhelmed this week. Having problems with my car. My first med surg test is coming up and the cardiovascular system is nerve wrecking. I need to finish up this careplan and I have a process recording due by the end of the week. When it rains it pours. What doesn't kill you will make you stronger. The added stress may give you heart problems though!Lol! Guess I am learning something about the cardiovascular system.
On a brighter note, I had the best valentines day. My boy toy treated me like a princess with dinner at the best little spanish restaurant. The sangria definitely relaxed me. Plus jewelry, what more could a girl ask for. It was a much needed break to take my mind of school.
I wish I could buy back time. There never seems to be enough hours in the day and days in the week. Many people tell me when I look back on my college years I will miss them. Those people must not have been nursing majors.